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As some of you guys may already know, recently I’m pretty busy doing my research project and “compensating” my credits that are lost during my last “transformation”. My brain is so full of video encoding and calculus that even daily things I see will be transformed into these representations. I mapped our lives and futures to the domain of video encoding. Here’s what I got:

Time series:
Time frame 1: now.
Time frame 2: certain time point in the future.

Future Estimation: We estimate (predict) our future based on our current status and others' successful examples.<----Time frame 1.

Future Compensation: Well, things always go beyond our control; the reality is always (somehow) different from our estimations. Therefore we need to compensate it. How? By adding residual life to our status at time frame 1. What’s residual life? See the next paragraph.<----Time frame 2.

Residual life: The differences of our status between time frame 1 and time frame 2.

Have no idea of what I’m talking about??
Check it out here:
Motion compensation

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