You're out of my to buy list, AMD!
After so much time of waiting, how dare you give us something has no real world performance improvement over your old good S939?
Reviews are here:(If you are scared by so much English, you can always jump to
AMD Socket-AM2 Performance Preview
First Look: AM2 DDR2 vs. 939 DDR Performance
Socket AM2 Platform: DDR2 SDRAM Support from AMD

As for Intel's Conroe, it seems to be the best choice if you plan for an upgrade after 06/Q3.
At least, it's currently in the first place of my to buy list.
Maybe I'll talk about this some other time, but right now, I just want to complain about AM2.
It's only Shit! you spent a lot of money for a new MB, DDR2 memory(DDR2 800 perhaps),
and all you got is 3~5% performance gain??
Stop kidding me!!
When did you(AMD) start selling your products like Intel does??
Where did the old good AMD , who sell good products in a competative prize go?

Instead of the CPU part, the chipset part is much more interesting...
Look at the new nVidia 5XX series you'll understand what I mean.
Especially the "FirstPacket", "Teaming" and "TCP/IP Acceleration" are really attractive to me.
See this article and you'll see what I say:
nForce 500: nForce4 on Steroids?
Hopefully these are not just another ActiveArmor shit!!
ActiveArmor has once interested me and latter deeply disappointed me.
See here for more details:
ActiveArmor Secure Networking Engine
Problem With Emule And Nvidia Hardware Firewall
Error Using Emule 45b "server Is Overloaded"
Inexplicable Errore
If you're tired of so much English, then skip all those above, try this. This sums up above. It hits right to the point.
Final Words about "nForce 500: nForce4 on Steroids?"

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